Why Study in Japan?

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Do you plan to pursue higher education or explore new opportunities to boost your career prospects?

Studying in Japan would equip you with advanced skillsets to meet the growing demands of the workforce. Also, your experience in Japan would also show your future employers that you have intrinsic qualities like determination, patience, multicultural perspectives and resilience.

Besides Japan’s charm as a great tourist attraction, the country also holds an influential position in driving Asia’s economic growth. Japan is the second largest developed economy in the world and the 3rd largest automobile manufacturing country. Look forward to a holistic and experiential learning journey in Japan.

Did you know? You can study in Japan with 100% English as the language of instruction!

There is a growing number of universities and tertiary educational institutions offering English programs (commonly known as “E-Track Program”), as part of Japan government’s internationalisation policy to attract foreign talents.

Perks of studying in Japan

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Affordable School Fees,
Scholarships available

You can receive subsidies of up to 70% of your school fees.

There are also many scholarship schemes available, some schools even have scholarships exclusively for international students.

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Wide Selection of Programs

There are diverse programs ranging from traditional/modern arts, science, business, tourism and even education programs.

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High employment rate for foreign graduates

Employers highly value graduates from Japanese Universities. There is a high 95% employment rate for foreigners who graduated from Universities in Japan.

Types of Educational Institutions in Japan

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